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Free Wal-Mart Gift Coupon Sweepstakes Worth $25.00

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Free Walmart gif cards save %25.00 on all sales in house at all usa walmarts Tell everyone about where you found this advertisement and get free coupons delivered to your email inbox by filling out the required E-Mail info ___> ...

Wal-Mart (Free Gift Specials & $25.00 Wal-Mart Coupons On Sale Now)

Gift coupons fro the Holidays, Wal-Mart has them all for your gift ideas and gift giving seasons.

Holiday gifts that are free to print online and gift shopping saving ideas for that special loved one are all available through your friendly Wal-Mart and discount saving store. ___>

In case your looking for a Kauai   WalMart check them out in Lihue on Kuhio Hwy next door to the Kauai Hilo Hatties store on Ahukini Rd

Get a free Wal-Mart Gift card and celebrate the best coupons and savings deals online.

Last updated:  June 18, 2009. These hot gift deals are made for vacationers and Kauai visitors looking to save money while shopping in Kauai: Make sure prior to arrival you have printed out all your gift certificates and your Walmart card mailed correctly to your current address.

Official Gift Offer Rules for redemption of the Free $1,000 Walmart Gift Card

These Official Gift Rules for redemption of the Free $1,000 Walmart Gift Card are part of the HotGiftRewards.com End User License Agreement (“EULA”) to which you must agree in order to use our Service, including seeking to qualify under these Gift Rules.  Capitalized terms unless otherwise defined shall have the meanings assigned to them in the EULA.

To qualify for and redeem your Free $1,000 Walmart Gift Card, you must complete each of the following:

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19 Responses

19 Responses to “Free Wal-Mart Gift Coupon Sweepstakes Worth $25.00”

  1. Verna Woods says:

    Please contact me. Have participated in all requirements, and to date have not received my walmart gift card.. Did I miss something????

    your blog is very helpful the walmart stuff is all free 🙂

  2. luciana burrus says:

    I recieved an e-mail: WalMart_has_sent_u_a_1000_Gift_Certificate! and completed ship and handling requirements.But have not recieved anything gift card as of 9-22-09.please tell me what now.

  3. FTC says:

    Country Code Country Distance to Nearby Cities
    km, mi, City, Region, Country

    10182 Washington, DC

    CAONTORO Canada Ontario ON Toronto -05:00 North America

    CAONTORO Canada Ontario ON Toronto -05:00 North America

    CAONTORO Canada Ontario ON Toronto -05:00 North America

    USNYNYOR United States New York NY New York -05:00 North America

    City Code City
    CityId Certainty
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    Capital City TimeZone
    Nationality Singular Population
    Nationality Plural Is proxy
    CIA Map Reference

  4. admin says:

    walmart is always taking applications for free stuff…. can you contact your city walmart by phone and ask??? or the gift card sender …..

  5. JOANNE CARPER says:

    Have done everything I was suspose to do.
    Orderd Items and still did not recieve
    any gift card.

  6. admin says:

    how long ago? call your local walmart ask about why that happend … they give you the answer in details..

  7. Jonie Parker says:

    I have done everything I was suppose to do to receive the $1000. gift card. Have received all items that had been ordered.But no gift card. It’s been 2 weeks now

  8. admin says:

    Jonie Parker – can you call walmart and ask them whats up with the gift cards and are they honoring what the advertise??/ here the direct walmart gift card phone number ….let us know whats the 4ii an we can adjust the blog post better

  9. Jonie Parker says:

    I contacted my local Wallmart,informaton from the number you sent. Thought you would find it interesing; “This is a gameing scam, and they have nothing to do with this program!”I can’t even get a phone # from corporate! I would love to speak to some about this. You guys are the only ones to get back to me;thank you for that.

  10. Jonie Parker says:

    This is not a duplicate,just the same key words.
    Please respond

  11. C Horner says:

    Awesome blogs here …. walmart gift sprees are the best way to save money… since joining as a member here ive made spectacular savings ……. thanks you so much

  12. admin says:

    Aloha from Kauai http://www.WalMart.com youve made everyone happy online …. the gift give away is optional you never have any hassles as to getting the correct information regarding

  13. admin says:

    Got you thier ,” this blog aint nothing like MSN and Yahoo Buzz but im here and people love to make comments on a daily blurb ,” Aloha Honolulu

  14. admin says:

    Oahu is a great place to begin a new trend…

  15. admin says:

    walmart gives away alot …. the free stuff is good for gift crtificates and much more …

  16. lindarodriguez says:

    hellow is some there?i needed is very important to me i have to buy my kids chrismas present.

  17. admin says:

    lindarodriguez thanks for posting – answer to you’re question would be contact Customer Service 1-800-Walmart
    (1-800-925-6278) Questions regarding a Walmart Store issue …… your answer will be found more informal …. walmart.com 🙂 or go here if your from Another state in the USA – walmartstores.com

    with the holiday season common aboard,” everyone needs to get a free gift coupon from wal mart. How long have been searching for information about walmart stores>???/

  18. admin says:

    youre welcome on board at this friendly blog – everyone knows the importance of holiday shopping and so much more ….. get what you can and save money while doing so …… walmart is a very spectacular shopping center,” everyone can depend on

  19. admin says:

    any time always come back for more free stuff and Oahu massage therapy

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