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Massage Testimonials | Kauai, Hawaii Testimonials About The Best Vacation Massage Reviews and Client Testimonial Comments and Remarks - KauaiMassages.com

Kauai Hawaii Massage Testimonials In Kauai, Oahu, Honolulu and What Our Clients are Saying....?

Read what people that get vacation massages and medical massage outcall in Kauai and Honolulu about services and massage on wheels outcall therapies - recommendations, approvals and remarks are made possible through a unique data of real massage testimonials from previous clients

Outcall massages in Oahu by Ximena, Andrea and Katie each week has made a huge impact on my physical body relief: after engaging in a busy life style as an instructor of aerobics and physical fitness," I simply have far more energy and flexibility to name a few: The benefits of Oahu outcall massages from your business has allowed me to take care of all my home needs while your mobile outcall therapist drive to my Northshore vacation home in Northshore Oahu Haula Hawaii .

Each month is awaited," therapy once every 2 weeks is the least I would ever do," - Ximena" your on time and always bring a new vibe into my home," the oils are always scented differently and your music is always so good," your FREE Dead Sea Salt Scrub and reflexology treatment is appreciated dearly," my feet feel so light and strong," I have more strength and endurance soon after each scrub: my favorite spa sound track is the chinese water fall back ground chimes," that's truly blissful," encourages more relaxation during the 90 minute session.

My neck and thighs use to kill me after fitness training at 24 Hour Fitness in Pearl City, moreover the long drive from their back to Haula is overly draining.

Well over the past six weeks now," I forgot the way I felt prior to your expert bodywork, I ham running and jogging miles and doing my own personally training in my home gym. Your expert therapies will be the next business I add for my immediate client base.

Thank you so so much girls cant wait till next week and the new aroma oils like pikake, chocolate, plumeria, lavander, pineapples - make sure you bring a new smooth music CD.... I enjoy the comfort of relaxing spa music each week you bring muscle relaxation, piece and tranquility..... I like the Shiatsu and Hawaiian Lomi therapy the most... my husband will also engage in the next session so bring Andrea along for another couples massage in Oahu...... Sandra Jones..... Oahu Haula.... 12-18-09

The Oahu PT physical therapy massages are so helpful and effective," ever since my very first car accident on Nimitz Hwy my entire body was aching from a broken neck and shoulder blade. Ide like to make sure all and everyone knows about this outcall medical massage service," you guys are the best recovery specialist ive had since engaging in my car accident in Oahu. Please let me say," it's been 4 months since surgery, then starting a regimen of medical referred massage and physical therapy with you Ximena and Andrea.

My medical insurance and car accident coverage referred me over to your outcall medical massage business," the best part of it all was the girls where top quality and their bodywork was delivered on wheels to me in Aiea Oahu.

My seedy recovery is now on it's way to getting back in the driver seat and getting to work in Waikiki. All my shoulder and neck pain gone away for good. Thanks to Ximena im back to work and living a better life in Hawaii. Janice Collins Oahu, Aiea 12-609

Beginning with recent Kauai testimonials previously

Aloha my dearest kauaimassage.com - thanks to such an amazing group of professional LMT'S in Hawaii - I got the best Beach massage in Waipoli, resort ever.

my wife is so happy," I feel brand new all over again, the heavy headaches and muscle tension are finally released, my neck can turn with out any strain, my back is smooth, no knots any more.

I can bend over so much better and farther pain free once again - I finally started to realize im not as old as I felt prior to the 90 minute Hawaiian lomi Waipoli beach massage. I hit the Kokee trails twice as hard, I walked in about 12 miles this time around. I never new I had this in me," i owe this regard to Ximena, Andrea and Katie Price.

As a military commander out of Fort Bragg in NC ive had massage all over the world," Hey I know the true meaning of Hawaiian healing now, whoever gets a chance to try the Hawaiian massages and the Oahu military discount a bonus: I can tell you get one and do 90 not 60," the 90 minute therapy gave me that extra 30 minute of relaxation my body needed to recover from years of knotted body aches and bumps from climbing hills in the Army.

Mahalo's and Aloha's to your business success. Keep up the awesome massage business in Kauai, Hawaii my friends," cant wait to come back next year and do this again.... thanks Dan Denver- San Francisco Ca 12-16-09:

Beyond my most gainful thoughts, the Kauai horizon off the Kauai Lagoon resort lanai was to cool. As sun went down so did the stress and vacation tension. The smoothes massage ever, Ximena let me tell you your a darn good LMT with a touch - so strong and healing," it literally broke up and melted down every inch of muscle fiber sore," I new Gerry Gibson for years," as a Hyatt Regency GM his referral to your massage business in Kauai was worth every second," the 90 min session was beyond relaxation. Massage in Hawaii was absolutely great.

Your business is my pleasure," a five star, 3 diamond hotel spa feel only a real client can attest with having. My dream come true in Kauai, Hawaii... Ximena let me congratulate your knowledge as a top leader in masseuse and Huna therapies," the outcall on wheels services was untouchable," your prompt and immediate hurry ness was very appreciated by our family of four at the Kauai Lagoons golf resort. June Jones California 12-01-09

After 14 hours of cramped plane traveling," we found this web site all the way in New York city to be the best out of a list of Goggle searches: We booked a couples massage online 1 month in advance as we approached the deadline," Ximena made sure she called us to remind of scheduled appointment. The Hawaiian lomi lomi therapies where perfect for getting all the major joint soreness and tightness in my hips and shoulders out for good, we felt renewed in paradise," taking on new heights and adventure. I was so pleased with their therapy," we are use to getting massages back home in NY.

I was pleased as my husband and I both had the most relaxing massage ever," wow we both went to sleep for 90 min's," waking up again to Kauai's total bliss on the beach at Poipu, Lawai beach vacation villas. Thanks and Mahalo's' to a wonderful evening," we know and recommend this web site as the folks behind it are %100 committed to excellence and customer services....... Ross and Richard Renbeck NY 11-31-09

My dearest friends and massage family in Honolulu, Hi let me be blunt and firm," the Waikiki hotel outcall massages for couples where beyond any spec I've ever had," bar none you and Andrea where on target," every square inch of muscle fiber on me and my wife's body where tense free," rejuvenation should explain it," a world of pleasure after the 90 minute Waikiki Oahu massage in our penthouse is an emminity I recommend anyone in Waikiki try.

Your Hawaiian huna therapy broke the ice right away," no where as a traveler have we experienced such relaxation and talented healing bodywork such as yours," God bless you and your Hawaiian family in Hawaii,"Mahalo's and many thank you's ... Ivan and Donna Woods Atlanta GA . 11-5-09

Best massages in Hawaii bar none - thank you for wonderful back and neck therapy - Our vacation went smooth as we never imagined possible. Landscaping in Arizona is far from massage in Anini: girl me and john want to compliment your business partners for connecting us online.

The best new year celebration in Hawaii I ever thought possible... couples massage in Anini beach northshore Hanalei, Princeville, Kauai

you took our request and booked us up 1 month in advance,": what a crew - I cannot tell you how great I felt soon after the 90 min Hawaiian lomi session," my neck is loose and my shoulders dropped to a relaxing state.

John loves to work hard and was so twisted," he made it clear you and Katie really got the tuff knotted muscles loosened up, in fact just this week when we got back to tempe AZ John was headed to the baseball field to try out his new glove I got him for christmas... man oh man he's back to young and sturdy.... once more since the vacation massages in Anini beach was so pleasant," me and john will be getting massages every month... thanks to your techniques and therapy ... I'm grateful and living better here in Tempe Arizona Janice Harold 01-01-2010

Golfing in Kauai and getting a spa golf package therapy -

was beyond my families dream vacation golf come true...

Ximena Andrea Katie you rocked our world - Both me and Mary are please beyond and golf vacation ever.

The tired old golf swing is now cranking all over again, being 60 does have an effect," since your 90 minute Hawaiian lomi lomi treatment I feel 30 again" that's not a fib," I just knocked down 2 eagles since getting back from the Kauai golf trip. Yes our swing has improved and my shoulders and back is so much better," where ever you are in the world," your crew of Hawaii therapist are all invited to going us on any green we select.

If we could carry all of you around every course we play at," you'll all be their before and after every championship tournament played.

The golf package was so precise," we landed on your Kauai Golf page while playing round on the Maui course," I had my black berry on and decided to Google Kauai Golf and their you where," top of Google search,
hmm, we booked an entire Kauai golf package just from visiting your golf page and the massages at the princeville course was spectacular.

Hey who ever designed your web site gets a big thumbs up from all 5 of us . Also John, mary, ethel, Joe and Susan all says Mahalo's for the awesome 90 min therapy they all golf like pros , and their bodies are best at swing.

Thanks again to KauaiMassages.com we recommend this web site especially for amateur and pro golfers: Get a massage from Ximena and Andrea you wont be disappointed at all. 1-20-2010

Thanks truly yours Ron Powers Miami Florida

Best therapist In Kauai Hawaii For Shoulder Massages

I have been seeing KauaiMassages.com and the girls since 2002. Wow, that’s the best years in wellness and health now. I wouldn't’t see any one else for clinical massage therapy beside Ximena for award winning bodywork style that has provided the utmost relieving treatment on my frozen shoulder conditions ive ever had in a decade or so.

I find Hawaiian lomi massage therapy helps me to relax and it relieves the stress of my high profile, high travel administrative position here in Alabama.

Massage just makes me feel better and more flexible," Ximena your a powerful healer and ive had yet to encounter such a powerful touch," this massage is gotta be world renowned by now.

Your Hawaiian healing is sensational and therapeutic to touch, and your regard as a mentor in healing is also amazing. My life is completely turning over towards positive mind set," not only is my right shoulder improving, and my hips better in sitting - I have far more vision and better clarity since your treatments began every year I visit Kauai, Hawaii.

Ximena's treatments is able to identify the trigger points and aching muscles that are bothering me without me even saying that I am hurting.

She has a clinical touch that I find to be superior to any other massage therapist I have ever experienced over my professional career. My full time chiropractor is also impressed with how much more flexible ive been over the recent months while getting massage over the years in Kauai. the quality of her treatments and the outcomes I get from her therapy is the best ever.

She has also helped me to learn how to stretch to improve my Frozen shoulder and become more aware of my own body’I abilities to heal.

Whether I feel like a Relaxation, Deep Swedish massage and Hawaiian Lomi are chosen, I come out refreshed, and ready to conquer the next week.

I also enjoy her new center in the coconut market place, it is quiet, peaceful, and very quaint.

She and Andrea are welcoming and accommodating.

The massage gift certificates are also a great idea, and a huge time saver for me.

My family and friends have referred enjoyed the experience as well.

Many Mahalo's from me Todd Boulder Southern FL.

Total Bliss Couples Massages In Hanalei

blessings to your healing touch and massage business Ximena and Andrea. Your Hanalei beach massage in northshore Kauai, Hawaii was sensational. Our honeymoon vacation could not have been made more special if not had been the treatment of your couples beach massage in Hanalei at Pine Trees beach in Hanalei town.

Tom and I are now living healthier and feeling renewed from every touch your provided," shoulders arms back and legs are more flexible and our joints are even more loose yet stronger.

I can regard anywhere else in the world we've visited that can attest to your healing touch. The Hawaiian lomi and shiatsu treatment combined where so good. Girls we recommend your treatment to anyone visiting the Hawaiian Isles especially Kauai Hawaii.

Happy faces and Mahalo's Dr Jerry Bicks and Sue Bicks Holistic veterinarians...... Quebeck Canada

Honolulu Waikiki massage on the beaches are satisfying and more relaxing than massage in Maui. Hey girl love your shiatsu therapy on the beach," in waikiki," the surf and the Hilo Hattie Aloha ware appeal is enough for vacation for a life time. Ximena wow," it is me Jillian Michael's and my hubie," are so grateful for the awesome day," we spent the entire evening soaking it up at the Outrigger Waikiki hut tub soon after our 90 minute shiatsu session was over," the margaritas and sea food buffet was another pleasure as our Waikiki spa vacation met out heavy vacation fitness travel globally.

Hey next time make sure you bring three therapist," one for John and two therapist for me," I like the four hand pampering while the aroma oils soak in to my back and skin," from head to toe your thee best therapist I know. Mahalas Girls the best Waikiki outcall beach massage on the Island.

Updated January 29, 2010

The remarks and client comments come from both Kauai and Oahu outcall massage services - Between the two every statement may vary from Hawaiian Isle to Isle. We proudly serve Oahu and Kauai as a means of satisfaction to all local kamaina's and vacationers from around the globe. Massage on wheels is both Island wide on the beach or inside your vacation suite, hotel, condo, home, villas - covering all shore; east, north, south and westside. More details about our bodywork styles and modalities <<__Here The gallery of Japanese and traditional to Asian speaking cultural therapist in Kauai, Waikiki, Honolulu. Try massage on wheels and feel the true meaning of Hawaiian pleasure and Aloha.

Massage Testimonials | Kauai, Hawaii Testimonials About The Best Vacation Massage Reviews and Client Testimonial Comments and Remarks - KauaiMassages.com

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