kauai recycle redemption and glass bottle stations in Hawaii

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Get The Latest Guide to local resources including recycling centers, how to recycle, pollution prevention and how help protect the environment. Weekly Curbside Recycling Pick Up Servicing Homes and Businesses




Kauai Recycle Guides and General Recycle Centers, Recycling Drop Bins for Residents. Featuring 8 Locations throughout Kauai: Money Redemption: Redeem Your 5 cents per Bottle, Aluminum Cans, Glass, & More

Find Kauai recycle centers in Hawaii: Learn more about The County Recycling Office funds and administers residential recycling programs: NOTES:if your a Kauai tourist looking for places to drop off recycable goods scroll down for recycle locations on each side of Kauai you find locations near your Kauai resort hotel condo very convienent.

Yes Kauai allows you to earn money while preserving the beauty of the garden Island: Let's make a strong impression on how our children can benefit from a cleaner more usable environment: take all your recycable items to the recylce drop off locations mentioned below this article.....

Our Aina Keep it clean and green: Learn about Kauai county edcation: as Kauai county educates everyone about waste diversion opportunities: to earn and redeem money for all your redeemable waste: according to the kauai recycle main control center in Lihue: only plastic bottles and glass bottles marked with the the HI symbol can be redeemed for monies, other will be added to the donated waste programs.


Prior to redemption the Kauai recycle county laws requires the recycle to remove all liquid and bottle tops: Make sure at the the redemption center you the recycler sort out cans fron bottles and bottle from aluminum cans and glass bottles: sasme for plastic containers with the HI symbol:

and provides technical assistance to commercial agencies. Please use the links on this page for detailed descriptions / information on each of the various programs.

Whats New

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event was a Success!

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events on June 27 and 28!  The events were well attended and very successful.  

For those of you who missed the event, please call the County Recycling Office at 241-4841 to be added to the list of people who will be notified about the next annual colleciton event.

Kaua'i County Recycling Office 4444 Rice Street Suite 255 Lihue, Hawaii 96766 Fax:   (808) 241-6204

For Bottle Bill information contact

Allison Fraley

Phone:  (808) 241-4837

Mele Kaui 
Phone:  (808) 241-5112 
Email:   smkaui@kauai.gov

Emily Ishida
Phone:  (808) 241-4841
Jeannie Yoshida 
Phone:  (808) 241-5120
Email:   jyoshida@kauai.gov

kauai map for Kauai recycle goods

Where can I drop off my Recycable waste on Kauai?

Northshore Hanalei Side

  • Princeville at the North ShoreTransfer Station

East Side Kapaa

  • Kapa'a at the end of Kahau Road (on the way to the bypass road)
  • Lihu'e in the back of the K-Mart parking lot on the pavilion side of the store

South Side Poipu Koloa

  • Po'ipu in the Brenneke's Parking Lot
  • Lawai Post Office 
  • Ele'ele at the Ele'ele Shopping Center

West Side Eleele, Kamakani, Waimea, Kekaha

  • Waimea at the Waimea Canyon Park
  • Kekaha at the Kekaha Landfill

I want my 5¢ back

Approximately 75,000 beverage containers are thrown into the trash or littered every hour in the state. The bottle bill (HI 5) was created to increase the recovery of beverage containers. Retailers charge a nickel deposit. You can redeem your deposit at the following redemption centers:

North Side

  • Hanalei - Kauai Community Recycling Services 5-5299 Kuhio Hwy (next to Waioli Park) Tuesday 8am - 2pm

East Side

  • Kaphi - Reynolds Recycling (behind Menehune food mart) 5675B Kawaihau Road Tuesday - Saturday 9am- 5pm
  • Lihue - Garden Isle Disposal 2666 Niumalu Road (near sugar cane bldg) Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm, Sat 8am -noon
  • Nawiliwili Harbor - Reynolds Recycling Corner of Wilcox and Kanoa St Tues thru. Sat 9am - 5 pm

South Side

  • Lawai - Reynolds Recycling Lawai Post Office Parking Lot Wed & Sat 8am - Noon

West Side

  • Kekaha - Kekaha Landfill Wed & Sat 8am - 3 pm

Recycle Locations | Kauai, Hawaii Recycle and County Redemption Center Information on Waste Control - Kauai Massages


Recycle Locations | Kauai Recycle, Hawaii Recycle and Kauai County Redemption Center Information on Waste Control Kauai Refuse Stations - KauaiMassages.com

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