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Ganoderma Coffee | Healthy Coffee With Ganoderma Mushrooms and Low Acid Coffee Beans -

Try Ganocafe Mushroom Coffee!

The Secret To A Caffeine Alternative Java with over 4000 yr of healing wisdom and heritage to read about: - This low acidic Ph gano coffee article can be used as a wellness award toward coffee solutions and Ganoderma Supplements that encourage good healthy living: GANOCAFE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE:-SEE HOW, READ THIS COFFEE DOCUMENTARY

Every morning you awaken to flavored non acid Ph coffee with a smooth natural high - GanoCafé balances pH and increases alkalinity by %50 with over 1500 mg of Lingzhi & Red (Reishi) Extract in every sachet of this instant gourmet low acid coffee drink!


Try Classic Black GanoCafé, Mocha Late's, Hot Chocolate, Gano Sod Red Teas, Whole Bean Flavored Gourmet Cafe's and much more..."

A totally delicious whole bean coffee flavor cafe," it positive builds pH wont upset stomach, STOPS acid reflux, breaks down caffeine, increased energy naturally.

See How -> by scrolling to bottom of this ganoderma mushroom pH coffee miracle on The Miraculous King Of Herbs:- Ganoderma!

Official Gano Excel Coffee Dealer North America and all USA States.

We Ship GanoCafé Direct: 3 to 5 Business Days 50 States!

Order A Box of GanoCafé Black or GanoCafé 3in1 just 18.00 on auto pay.

Dense in alternative pure herbal extracts, and Low acid coffee beans.

Healthier Coffee Beans That Improve Alkalinity Not Destroy It.

See How Your Body Can Beat Bad pH levels Using A Healthy Coffee Bean Beverage with Lingzhi & Ganoderma Mushroom Extracts Premium Roasted With Low Acid Coffee Beans - We Serve GanoCafé from Gano Excel In These 50 USA States

GanoCafé Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Gano Excel New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Why Low Acid Coffee? pH Balance is crucial," ganoderma coffee safe guards against lost flora and builds tolerance to immune breakdown.

Can Gano Cafe actually be an all natural gourmet coffee beverage that doesn't cause pH imbalance and actually promotes good alkalinity?

Ganoderma lucidum is a powerful yet alkalizing herbal supplement, it is added into one of the worlds most popular low acidic coffee beans from Brazil and Indonesia.

Healthy Coffee & low acid coffee beans called ganoderma healthy mushroom coffee are all made to improve your bodies pH like high alkaline water," acid free coffee is easy on the stomach and it's organic coffee with a magical herb called REISHI lingzhi. Order healthy ganoderma coffee products <_Here

Acid Free Coffee Is The Ultimate Coffee Alternative For Serious Coffee Lovers

Watch what People Are Saying About Low Acid Ganoderma and Reishi Coffee From Gano Excel:

You'll be amazed at how it does not cause stomach upset, yet still include a full flavored coffee bean taste....


Coffee lovers are suffering from stomach upset do to traditional coffee drinking? Are you tired of coffee that causes crashes?

Find out if this gourmet coffee called Ganoderma Healthy Mushroom Coffee can change those symptoms your experiencing from using plain coffee. Coffee can be promising...only if you drink organic healthy coffee...

Like purified alkaline water it puts the healthy flora stomach absorbs from natural elements naturally... Smart are you? If your target your approach to natural health then you will discover how it works synergistically not against you ....... Coffee is healthy but their coffees that are simply bad for your healthy...


Watch The Myth Of Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi and Mushroom Coffee

WHY do people say coffee is bad and not good for you?


Coffee causes toxic reactions in the immune system therefore inflammation.. that flares up causing your body to work against its normal functions...

Like plain tap water filled with metals and bad toxins it cause harmful damage to your body...

Ganoderma Coffee In Espanola Hispanic Spanish Language



There are coffees the are acid free moreover coffees that include herbs like REISHI extracts... that stops the absorption of toxicity and slows the absorption of caffeine....

pH imbalance America's most horrific declines and a uphill battle for many, especially traditional coffee lovers. Because coffee is a household name, more than 90,000,000 cups of coffee is served on a daily basis, coffee is one of the worlds most consumed beverage. And still coffee lovers are battling pH imbalance and a horrible alkalinity decline on a daily average.

What's new and exciting about this all-new low and non-acidic gourmet coffee beverage called Gano Cafe gourmet non-acidic alkalizing coffee beverage,”enriched with the powerful Herb known as Ganoderma mushroom?


First let us examine the bad side of poor alkaline levels caused from drinking traditional coffee, made from average coffee beans, from generic parts of the world. Keep in mind what you are about to see is an actual cell within a unbalance on alkalized immune system. In most cases this is how acidosis effects the immune system.

Here's a picture of poor alkalinity inside the immune system this is a damaged cell, " prompted by acidosis and poor imbalance of alkalinity mainly from drinking a very high acidic type of coffee, or over exposure to caffeine absorption. Most doctors prescribe harsh medication to calm the effect you are now viewing here instead of getting to root of acidosis. Dr Stuart Hoover A naturally doctor prohibits the use of any medication do to the side effects and toxicity levels caused by prescription anti-inflammatories.


How does a person know that they are suffering from pH imbalance or poor alkalinity levels?

If a person is suffering from acidosis this picture would be the effect of how a immune system reacts to for pH balance and bad alkalinity. pH imbalance doesn't really sound bad but it is a catastrophic disease that could prolong the activity of acidosis with in immune body.

For most coffee lovers acidosis is a problem in fact more than 5 million Americans suffer from it on a daily basis. The effect on poor alkalinity disturbs not only the mind body, it enables a person from functioning at optimal levels. The remaining factor of support pH and bad alkalinity reflects upon the type of coffee a person uses as a recreational beverage from day to day.

Is there really an alternative to harsh acidic coffee?

Can Gano Cafe actually be an all natural gourmet coffee beverage that doesn't cause pH imbalance and actually promotes good alkalinity? The answer to this question is yes of course because Ganoderma lucidum is a powerful yet alkalizing herbal supplement, it is added into one of the worlds most popular low acidic coffee beans from Brazil and Indonesia.


The conscience behind Ganoderma mushroom coffee is plain and simple the ability to absorb caffeine while you enjoy a smooth rich tasty aromatic cup of hot healthy coffee.

what I'm saying here is pH imbalance is actually responsible for just about every bad immune function or improper pH imbalance in the human body. Broad-spectrum most holistic doctors and naturopath's already Cross the barriers concerning pH balance and positive alkalinity.

Learning how to balance your pH calls for a make your of modern science. What I'm saying here is the more you know about pH balance and alkalinity the your chances of winning the war against bad pH.

So exactly why does an average cup of coffee cause alkaline imbalance?

I'm pretty sure those of you reading this realize that an average cup of traditional coffee contains 150 to 250 mg of caffeine per cup. Traditional coffee is not a non-acidic beverage it was never meant to be, as far as coffee farmers and the coffee trade is concerned.

The realism of a real non-acidic coffee beverage is within a single cup of GanoCafé. Gano Cafe happens to be one of the only traditional non-acidic gourmet coffee ever. Gano Cafe is known in South East Asia and North America as the worlds first healthy coffee.


What does Gano Cafe offer coffee drinkers that are trying not to stop drinking coffee? being that Gano Cafe is the worlds first healthy the herbal tincture called Ganoderma lucidum! this herb is added to make this premium super powerful mushroom coffee beverage.

Gano Cafe actually enhances and helps to heal the immune system stronger than ever. Because of this premium herbal supplement ganoderma lucidum makes the first healthy coffee and extraordinary breakthrough in science.

Coffee lovers and coffee drinkers have all but one thing in common, hi acidic levels and a bad pH balance. That's why in North and South East and West America more people drink Gano Cafe in any other beverage kwon. It is true south and east Asians are very healthy because of their good health habits. The terrific in most amazing part of their longevity has to do with the nutritional values.

Exactly what does Ganoderma lucidum offer for the average traditional coffee consumer seeking to find an alternative coffee beverage that does not cause pH imbalance worked for alkalinity?

What does Ganoderma lucidum do to improve pH imbalance and poor alkalinity due to acidosis causing sluggish and poor immune function?

Ganoderma lucidum is a powerful herbal supplement when added to gourmet non-acidic coffee beans it promotes an amazing effect, this herbal supplement helps the absorption of caffeine, increasing the immune system allowing it to absorb and sealed itself, instead of causing a very acidic and toxic chemical, causing acidosis and other immune reactions.

Ganoderma lucidum makes it possible for coffee lovers to relax and enjoy a single cup of morning coffee without worrying about acidosis or poor alkaline levels caused by drinking traditional coffee.

One of the most amazing aspects of Gano Cafe healthy coffee is the Herb that's included into each sachet of this premium gourmet whole bean coffee product Ganoderma lucidum. On her is what you

Caffeine within coffee beans have been known to be very acidic," acidic coffee beans are very toxic and can destroy living cells and weaken the immune body.

when it's time to look for in alternatives pour acidic and bad pH in balance has already taken its effect on a person's body.

To relax and enjoy the perfect low non-acidic coffee Gano Cafe," try to imagine each morning you wake up to a better feeling after drinking coffee, no more acidic stomach, no more coffee crashes, no more than digestion,. Instead Gano Cafe healthy coffee is going to enhance your immune system and build your pH making it easier each morning.

more information about herbal healthy coffee can be found at one of the first healthy coffee website's that promotes Gano Cafe coffee beverages and supplements to help enhance pH balance and promote good alkalinity.

read more... Ganoderma Lucidum Therapeutic Muscle Mushrooms about Ganoderma lucidum mixed with Brazilian coffee beans and the benefits of this healthy combination is what makes this amazing beverage  ” Healthy Coffee ” the key to a non acidic cafe

More info about Ganocafe at Ganocafe at Squidoo lenses

Here are some top official Ganoderma and reishi facts..

What is Reishi Mushroom Extract?

Simply, it is the extract of the mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, also called "reishi" in Japan, or "ling zhi" in china.

Ling zhi means "spirit plant", and in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this mushroom is considered to be of the highest class of tonics. In the Orient this mushroom has a 4,000 year history for use in an unusually wide range of ailments, but is particularly renowned for its use in hepatitis and other diseases of the liver and for promoting longevity.

Triterpene-rich reishi mushroom is also reputed to reduce hypertension.

In recent years the focus of research with Reishi is its apparent immuno-enhancing and anti-tumor activities.

While the exact mechanism is still unknown, a large numbers of studies have shown that reishi may modulate many components of the immune system such as the antigen-presenting cells, NK cells, T and B lymphocytesm, which are pivotal to initiating a primary immune response.

It is believed that it may be through this immune modulation that reishi's apparent anti-tumor effect may be achieved.

To that end, a 2005 study found that reishi polysaccharides "effectively promote the activation and maturation of immature dendritic cells" which interact with and stimulate T and B cells, yielding further evidence that Reishi's value comes from its ability to enhance immunity response.7,8,9

Of all the diseases reishi is reputed to mitigate, we will mention only the applications we feel are best documented; volumes have been written on this medicinal.

Polysaccharides from Reishi Mushroom

If you have visited our Echinacea page, then you are already aware of some of the powerful properties of polysaccharides (basically large sugar molecules). Hot water extract of reishi contains about 50% polysaccharides and 5% protein. Some of these polysaccharides have demonstrated anti-tumor activity.

The polysaccharides, G-I (Beta-D-glucan) and GL-1, for example, have both been shown to inhibit sarcoma.1 Evidence also suggests polysaccharide ability to stimulate macrophage production of interleukins.

2 Interleukins regulate blood cell production and interleukin-2 (there are at least 12 interleukins) stimulates T-lymphocytes and is being investigated in the treatment of cancer.

Which polysaccharide, or combination thereof, is responsible for this action is not clear. The protein portion of the extract contains 17 amino acids.3 The Japanese government has officially listed it as an adjunct therapy for cancer.

Triterpenes from Reishi

Users of Ginkgo Biloba, Horse Chestnut and Valerian will recognize the potential benefits of terpenes. For these people it should come as little surprise that the triterpene-rich reishi mushroom is reputed to reduce hypertension.

What may be news, however, is that the same compounds may also be adaptogenic and anti-allergic.

The Ganoderic acids, C, A and D--in that order--appear to have the greatest anti-allergic activity, inhibiting histamine release.4 Ganoderic acids B and D may reduce hypertension.5 Studies done on a combination formula of reishi and other ganoderma species have shown these anti-allergic effects to be perhaps this medicinal's most promising property.

The combination formula has been observed to have a modulating and stabilizing effect on immunoglobulin levels. Patients with bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and allergies have all done well on reishi extract.6 Triterpene content may explain reishi's ability to alleviate altitude sickness, as reported by Chinese mountain climbers ascending as high as 17,000 ft.

Reishi Mushroom and Hepatitis

Two studies that may merit further investigation showed positive results on hepatitis patients, particularly those without severe impairment. One of the studies reported improvement in 92% of 355 patients studied. Use against liver disease is one of the mushroom's longest standing traditional applications. (Chang & But 1986)



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scientific name is Ganoderma Lucidum, Chaga Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, mushroom families, Gano Cafe Healthy Coffee e

Gano Coffee | Healthy Coffee With Ganoderma Mushrooms and Low Acid Coffee Beans -

Updated September 11, 2011


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